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T-Shirts for Everyday for You 
Sept 10, Friday 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Room 1
1 hour - $10 REGISTER TODAY

Love T-shirts? James Dean made them really cool in the 50’s and they still are extremely versatile, ageless and flattering to the figure. They have no buttons, zippers, or facings and they pull over the head. What could be easier?

First we will cover how to get them to fit just how you like them, without gaps and holes. Then we will touch and feel great fabrics that are available and affordable. And finally, put the finishing touches on them to really make them look unique and designer-ish!! We will see examples of designer t-shirts by Armani, Escada, Calvin Klein, Elie Tahari and more.

Flash! A New Wardrobe!!  Hawaiian style
Sept 10, Friday 7 – 8 pm
Main Stage: FREE

Come see 12 patterns that are all quick and easy that will truly fit your lifestyle, no matter what you do. Do not sew? But would like to learn? You can do this!!  We will show dress up, dress down, and in-between.  We will include tops, bottoms, skirts and jackets that you can easily make for yourself. We mean quick-to-cut, quick-to-make, but fabulous looking on you. These clothes you can work-in, shop-in, even sleep-in, depending on the different fabrics you choose. Don’t miss out. Come see your new wardrobe made so very simple!!!

Silhouette Patterns has over 100 patterns and celebrates its 13th year in business. All questions will be answered and lots of great ideas will be on hand. See you there!!!

Great Skirts
Sept 11, Saturday 10:30 – 11:30 am
Room 1
1 hour - $10 REGISTER TODAY

How to pick out, cut, sew and wear great skirts, no matter what kind of shoes you have to wear or what your legs look like or any other excuses you have some up with. Skirts are quick to make, great to wear, more comfortable than anything on the planet and don’t have a crotch!!! Some great tips will be offered in this lecture. First we will master the fit of the skirt and then look at all kinds of great simple ideas to change the base skirt and quickly make many more great skirts.

The Gap!
Sept 11, Saturday 12 – 1 pm
Room 1
1 hour - $10 REGISTER TODAY

No, not the store, the gap in your armhole that you think needs a dart in the armhole to get rid of it. Nothing could be worse!!! Come learn what is causing it, how to get rid of it and so many other little gap tricks, like the neckline. How to achieve the bend-over top that does not bend out as you bend over!! We will actually do a sample on someone in the class. See you there.

Best Factory Methods Available
Sept 11, Saturday 2 – 3 pm
Room 1
1 hour - $10 REGISTER TODAY

If when asked “Why do you do it that way?” your only response is…”Because they told me to”. This class is for you. If you have habits left over from 8th grade home ec class and you are still doing garment construction the same way, you need to replace those outdated methods with updated, faster methods and Peggy will show you some incredible methods. Come learn how to quickly assemble the garment if a logical order without repeating your steps and by eliminating those steps that are unnecessary. Peggy will cover blouses, t-shirts, jackets and pants. You can do this!!! It is a matter of logic and once you see the logic, you will be hooked. Sewing garments is sooooooo much fun when you have good, no-fail methods.

Yoga-Pant Fitting (Hands on – Limited Class Size)
Sept 12, Sunday 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Room 1
3 Hours (Class fee $50) REGISTER TODAY

Bring Silhouette Pattern #3400 to class or purchase it in the class. You do not need to do anything ahead of time for this class and you do not have to have the pattern ahead of class time.

All sizes of the yoga pant will have been premade by Peggy Sagers and each participant will proceed to try on the sample pants in their size. Sizing choices will be guided by Peggy as to what is the correct size for each participant.

Each participant will then have her pant customized to her shape. Draping is the fit method being used. The individual changes will then be transferred to their tissue pattern. Each lady will leave the class with her individual pant pattern tweaked to her specific body. She will be ready to sew the pants once she gets home and also will have a template for all other pant patterns.

Class limit - 20 persons

French Curve Madness
Sept 12, Sunday 2 – 3 pm
Room 1
1 hour - $10 REGISTER TODAY

Don’t know how to use one? Scary!!!! However, you can come to this class and find out what you have been missing all these years. You will see how much better the whole world of sewing is with this tool. Oh, and if you tell anyone you do not know how to use one they will tell you they do not know how to use it either!! The sewing industry is under a rock when it comes to instruction on the French curve. So come step into the new century with great instruction on how to use this important ruler. Peggy Sagers wrote an article for Threads Magazine on how to use the French curve. The article was voted one of the top 10 articles by Threads readers. Where is it? Out of print, but in this class we will learn it all.

Making Shears Simple
Sept 12, Sunday 4 – 5 pm
Room 1
1 hour - $10 REGISTER TODAY

Come learn secrets on how to cut and sew shears accurately. We will take out all the hard stuff, the mysteries and the deep-seated fears that keeps you from sewing on all those beautiful shears. Also ideas will be shown on all the great effects and what you can do with all those stuck ideas you have. Seaming techniques will be shown and some designer secrets that have been done in the past.

Peggy Sagers

Peggy Sagers holds a BS degree, double majoring in both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. Peggy spends her time teaching at seminars in the United States and Canada and recently featured as a guest on HGTV, she brings no frills to the home sewing world from the ready-to-wear world. She professionally drafts patterns doing free lance for numerous manufactures throughout the US. For 13 years, she has created the pattern line called “Silhouette Patterns”, which currently distributes patterns worldwide. Her designs incorporate B, C, and D cup sizing as well as proportionate lengths, which is unique in the pattern industry. In addition to apparel designs, Peggy has designed the patterns of the costumes worn by the 1994 Men’s Olympic Figure Skating Silver Medallist, Elvis Stojko. Recently she has been a guest on the popular HGTV show, “Sew Much More”.



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